Who Are We

Selen Shipping ltd is a private company established in 1991.

Our office is located in Izmit / Turkey, our home port.

Specializing in the Red Sea as a strategic location our target is to provide an excellent service to ship owners, managers, crew or any other party involved with us in any kind of mutual business.

We know personal attitude makes the difference, we believe in it!

We love our work!

We have a passion doing it better and better every day.

Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

Our History

Selen Shipping specialises in the maritime services with nautical and technical knowhow, versatile experience, detailed expertise in the maritime industry, specific knowledge about various types of cargo and an accurate insight into the needs of today’s shipping.

Selen Shipping is one of the major maritime icons providing service excellence since 1991 with a traffic volume exceeding thousand port calls and over million tonnes of cargo transportation. Selen Shipping offers a full range of maritime services for ship owners, operators and charterers who span all market segments, vessels and asset types.

Shipping has been part of our core business since establishment. We have worked for industrial clients on the cargo side as well as ship owners ever since we were founded. Our strength in this business segment lies in our long-established relationships with all market participants.

With its offices, subsidiaries, and partner companies located worldwide Selen Shipping offers tailor-made solutions for the whole shipping industry.

Moreover, our membership of all the important associations enables us to effectively represent our customers interests, Major industrial companies and ship-owners have relied on our shipping services for over 30 years.

Our Mission

Selen Shipping aims to deliver innovative maritime, logistics and supply chain solutions to our valued clients. With our continuously expanding network we strive to build on our over thirty years of experience to deliver quality services based on integrity, reliability and innovation wherever we operate. Our continuous search for improvement by creating innovative shipping, logistics and trade solutions reflects our focus on providing the highest level of expertise and service. At the heart of all our operations is our absolute concentration on safety and respect for the environment.


Selen Shipping establishes effective communication channels in order to understand and quickly respond to its customers’ requirements. It undertakes to respond and conclude all positive or negative notifications received by it in accordance with the laws, international transportation rules and the corporate procedures and to implement and continuously improve the customers complaints handling process together with its personnel aware of customer oriented approach.


Selen Shipping guarantees to;

  • A secure access to it’s and stakeholders’ information assets,
  • Protect the usage, integrity and confidentiality of the information,
  • Assess and manage the risks which may comprise it’s and stakeholders’ information assets,
  • Protect the integrity and brand image of the company,
  • Perform necessary sanctions in case of violation of information security,
  • Provide the requirements arised from national, international or sector regulations, laws and related legislations, agreement obligations, corporate responsibilities for internal and external
  • stakeholders,
  • Decrease the effects of threats on business/service continuity, providing the continuity and sustainability of the business,
  • Provide and improve the level of information security by control infrastructure.


Foster sustainable partnerships based on mutually beneficial relations


Ensure in employing the right people for the right job regardless of religion, language, race, gender or disability; increase employee satisfaction; strengthen corporate loyalty and develop efficiency; ensure participation in the decision making process by providing an environment for self development.


Guarantee vertical, horizontal and traverse information sharing amongst all parties with the right tools and at the right time.


Effective debt follow-up and collection from income generated from primary business activity, securing acquired liquidity, financial equity provision at minimum cost wherever possible and fulfil responsibilities on a timely basis. Keeping record of company activities in accordance with laws, general practice codes, international accounting standards and in compliance with unified accounting system, producing real and reliable financial statement correctly representing operation results.


Acquiring the right product and service at the right time, at the right amount from the right place at the right price.


Keeping operational efficiency at highest level by using latest technology.


Ensuring that buildings, equipment and material provide top quality service at low costs within product optimum lifespan.


As a company we sponsor academic institutions, student clubs, amateur sports clubs and NonGovernmental Organisations that participate in the development of the sector and meet our criteria in their mission and activities.


Selen Shipping aims to perform its economic, social and environmental responsibilities within the frame of Customer Oriented Approach, Employee Satisfaction, Reliability, Develop Cooperation, Learning and Development, Taking Responsibility and Team Spirit values, in order to provide a sustainable future by considering the needs and expectations of stakeholders.


Selen Shipping,

  • adopts a fair and principled trade approach.
  • does not compromise the principles of the Corporate policies.
  • gives importance to communication with its business partners and customers and provision of information timely and accurately.
  • takes customer satisfaction as basis; and offers effective solutions by correctly understanding the needs and requests in its customer relationships.


Including all its employees, recognizing CSR as a vital part of corporate activity and being therefore committed to a course of social responsibility in accordance with this CSR policy for the sustainable development of society and business. Contribution to the building of a prosperous and vibrant society by providing high-quality logistics services through business activities based on its excellent know-how and technology. Disclosing information openly and transparently in order to maintain and develop a relationship of trust with its various stakeholders, and acting responsibly towards them through various means of communication. Undertaking its business based on the principles of fairness and sincerity, acting with the utmost respect for human rights and pursuing a high sense of corporate ethics in the global business market which encompasses diverse cultures, morals, ethics, and legal systems. Striving to minimize environmental effects and utilizing resources towards the development of a sustainable society that is in harmony with the environment. Promoting social contribution activities as a good corporate citizen in order to realize a better society. Making every effort to create a pleasant and motivating working environment for all its employees and to fully support those employees who desire self-fulfillment and self-development through their work. Making every effort to promote fair and sound business practices among its business partners by fostering a common awareness of social responsibility.common awareness of social responsibility.


In its official social media accounts and other social media channels, Selen Shipping:

  • is transparent, honest, and constructive in its postings and/or comments.
  • believes in freedom of expression; and tolerates any and all expressions that do not breach its values, reputation and legal rights.
  • complies with the code of ethics and copyrights.
  • protects, also in digital channels, its corporate culture that it has adopted in all communication areas.
  • shows respect to the information security of all of its stakeholders including its customers and suppliers and encourages its employees to this end.
  • considers social media as a strong communication channel and evaluates all comments received and takes actions if and when necessary.
  • does not allow for posting of any confidential information and documents as well as any expressions, voice records or videos humiliating, degrading, or offending any person, entity, religion, belief, race, gender, or culture, or pointing them as a target.
  • does not post any content that encourages or incites violence, spreads fear, impairs the principles of equality and justice, degrades the human honour or glorifies or calls for discrimination.
  • neither uses any political contents, nor gives place to the propaganda of such political formations or segments.
  • reserves its right to delete any comment or to ban any user at any time and for any reason whatsoever, with or without prior notice.